Green Square: Foursquare for Greenies

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Nov 23, 2011 9:36 AM ET

Taiga Company blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Compa…

You've heard of Foursquare, now there is Green Square!  If you recall, Foursquare is a combination of micro-blogging (like Twitter), and GPS geocaching (finding places) and by using your smartphone, you 'check in' with the Foursquare website, publish your physical location, and write a quick review about the restaurant or pub or coffee shop you are visiting.  Well Foursquare just got a little greener with Green Square.   In addition to the green-related TV programming, advertising, and news going on at NBC this week, the Green is Universal team just announced the first-ever “Green Square” application, a green-themed, location-based app for iPhone and Droid.   • Users are able to earn traditional Foursquare badges as well as special green badges. Green is Universal coffee cart locations are popping up in NYC, LA and Chicago as part of the “Mugs Save Trees” program and will offer users a free cup of coffee with a reusable mug and a “Green Week Badge” if they check in using Green Square.   • Green Square offers a curated list of 120 green hotspots across four categories: sustainable design, parks, food and community. The initial 10 cities featured in Green Square are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco and Dallas. The app also allows users to nominate their own “Green Scenes” that they feel qualify as a hotspot.   For those living a sustainable lifestyle, it's natural to want to spread the good word of local green businesses, non profits, and green events.  By checking in at sustainable businesses offering green products and services, you are putting those businesses on the map, introducing those businesses to friends, as well as supporting for these businesses with your financial dollar.  Click here to read more Foursquare for Greenies.   

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