Green, But Mostly White: The Lack Of Diversity In The Environmental Movement, Part 2 of 5—Future 500

Guest Blog by Marvin Smith, Future 500
Aug 7, 2014 5:00 PM ET
Campaign: CSR Blogs


The mainstream U.S. environmentalism movement and corporate responsibility sector are both really white. Like Portland, but without the strip clubs and boutique doughnuteries. When I picture the quintessential mainstream environmentalist it resembles a non-celebrity version of Robert Redford, like your friend’s chill uncle who cites All Things Considered and frequently enjoys Bluepoint oysters. It definitely doesn’t look black or Latino, nor does it look poor.

This is a bit of an issue, because the future face of America will look less like Doc Savage and more like a brown color palette, a tan mélange. The number of ethnic minorities is rapidly growing and will make up the majority of Americans in several decades. Support from a diverse range of classes and minorities will be critical in ensuring that we take action on important environmental issues, like climate change. 

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Marvin Smith is Analyst, Stakeholder Engagement, Future 500.