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Andrea writes exclusively for her blog, LearnedonWomen, and appears regularly on Vermont Public Radio.
Jan 31, 2010 10:19 PM ET

The Green Mom Eco-Cosm

The Social Studies Group and Learned On recently partnered to study the women who are really influencing “green mom” consumer behavior online.   As with so many other issues, women exploring more sustainable consumer practices each begin an engagement with “green” for their own unique reasons. Our research found that these women have a definite hunger for products and solutions to help their families live more sustainably, and they are enthusiastically pursuing “green products” that fit the lifestyles they want to achieve.

The surprises that emerged from our findings, in The Green Mom Eco-Cosm? Many of the green mom bloggers who are on the more radical or fully committed end of the spectrum are perhaps not the nutty margin you’d assume.  Even though “green consumerism” is something these committed women may personally try to avoid, they still recognize the value of measures being taken by companies like Clorox to head in a greener direction.   Furthermore, through their blog post writing, these moms have been sharing higher expectations and actively challenging their readers toward significantly uncomfortable levels of green scrutiny and commitment.  No slackers need apply. It seems that the more women know, the more engaged they become with their lifestyle “greening up” efforts.  You can almost feel the momentum building.

Read The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: A Social Study into their Motivations, Convictions and Influence (PDF) for more.