Good for the Great Outdoors With Johnson Outdoors

Apr 23, 2024 9:15 AM ET
Podcast guest Connor Leipold

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"If a check would fix the problem, I would've written that check already," said Sam Johnson, founder of Johnson Outdoors. These words embody the company's ethos founded with a reverence for nature and a commitment to its preservation. Since its inception, Johnson Outdoors has steadfastly safeguarded the outdoors while nurturing consumers’ passion for outdoor adventure and enjoyment.

At the heart of Johnson Outdoors' success lies an unwavering commitment to its founding principles. As a family company, its leadership understands and protects the company’s values and purpose. As an employer, the company hires individuals who share this deep-rooted respect for nature, helping foster a culture united in environmental stewardship and a love for spending time outdoors.

We invited Connor Leipold, Johnson Outdoors Spokesman and SCUBAPRO Brand Manager, to share his insights. This initiative continues to inspire and empower outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, demonstrating our collective commitment to preserving the natural wonders that serve as our playground.

Listen for insights on:

  • How tapping into employee passions can inspire innovation
  • Surpassing goals in the consumer and employee-driven Clean Earth Challenge
  • Identifying like-minded partnerships and creating innovative preservation solutions

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