Going To Bat for Children in India

Jan 22, 2024 9:00 AM ET

Originally published on bloomberg.com

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Still, economic development is often uneven, significantly impacting the estimated two million children living on India’s streets.

At Bloomberg, we support organizations that fund education and programs that help provide young people with opportunities for a brighter future — an ethos championed by our founder, Mike Bloomberg, and his belief in the importance of education for all.

Bloomberg has partnered with Magic Bus India Foundation for almost two decades, a non-governmental organization that aims to educate and empower children through mentorship and coaching. As part of this partnership, Bloomberg employees regularly mentor youth in Mumbai through Magic Bus’ Livelihood Programme, equipping them with skills that better prepare them for employment and contributing to their overall personal and professional development.

This year, Bloomberg also sponsored Magic Bus’ participation in the Street Child Cricket World Cup (SCCWC), which brings together children from underserved communities worldwide for a fun-filled cricket championship.

SCCWC strives to be more than just a showcase of sporting talent, with the tournament also serving as an opportunity for kids growing up in extreme poverty to share their experiences and advocate for support and resources throughout their lives.

The second running of the tournament took place in Chennai in September 2023 and saw 19 teams from 14 countries — including India, Bangladesh, Brazil, England, Hungary, Nepal and Tanzania — coming together in a wonderful display of skill and camaraderie.

“Through the partnership with Magic Bus, we’ve had the opportunity to impact many young lives,” says Rajiv Mirwani, Head of South Asia Sales at Bloomberg. “This initiative complements Bloomberg’s ethos by combining mentorship and sport and driving towards educational outcomes. It’s a terrific initiative for us as a company, and we’re truly proud to support Magic Bus here in India.”

Learn more about Magic Bus and its work here and Bloomberg’s Corporate Philanthropy initiatives here.