Giving Youth A Voice: The 2nd Annual “What’s Your Story?” Internet safety video contest

Feb 8, 2011 1:00 PM ET

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By Lynette T. Owens

Today marks the 8th year of Safer Internet Day.  This is an event founded by the Insafe Network, a coalition of centers around the EU that promote the safe, responsible use of the Internet among youth.  There are a number of events and activities happening on this day throughout the EU and the world, including the launch of our 2nd annual “What’s Your Story?” internet safety video contest.   As I mentioned in my previous post, it is with great excitement and anticipation that we are introducing the contest for the 2nd time.  Part of this comes from the response to last year’s contest; our expectations were exceeded by every measure.  The other part comes from all the changes we’ve made since 2010.  First, we have expanded the contest to include the UK together with Canada and the U.S.  It will be interesting to see how attitudes and concerns differ or not from country to country, and we are pleased to be able to provide a platform for young people to engage each other across an ocean.  Second, we have spent the last year advocating for youth involvement in all things concerning their safety and well-being on the Internet and are honored to now be joined by a fantastic group of organizations who believe the same.  (See the contest site for a complete list of participating organizations.)   I think a fundamental shift has happened over just the last 12 months in how the public now views the topic of Internet safety and digital citizenship.  Sadly, tragedy after tragedy finally awakened our international consciousness to the reality of cyberbullying and how the Internet made bullies seem bigger and the victims less able to escape their aggressors.  Laws were subsequently passed.  Celebrities took it up as their cause.  It will be telling to see how people have internalized this and choose to portray it through the contest.


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