Giving Around the World

Giving Around the World

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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 1:45pm

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The Caesars Foundation’s giving extends around the globe, providing for organizations  focused on human services and education in the international communities where we operate. Following are a few examples of innovative organizations the Foundation supports, dedicated to improving the lives of the individuals in their diverse communities.

Business Creation by Individuals Over 50

The Caesars Foundation provided funding to support PRIME – The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise in the United Kingdom, which assists individuals over 50 years of age in starting their own business.

Older individuals are more likely than any other age group to face long-term unemployment. In the U.K., those over the age of 50 account for more than one third of the population and the 50+ age group is growing faster than any other. In the U.K. alone, more than 3.5 million people over the age of 50 are unemployed.

PRIME offers free training workshops, mentoring, and networking services to its members. The Caesars Foundation’s support will assist PRIME in promoting advocacy for older individuals in the job market, as well as help the organization’s members turn their ideas, energy and experience into successful and sustainable businesses through quality training programs.

Up-and-Coming Athletes

In the U.K., SportsAid helps the next generation of British sports stars by giving them financial support and recognition during the critical early years of their careers.  These athletes are typically aged 12 to 18 and are among our brightest hopes for future Olympic and Paralympic success.

Recent research revealed that the organization’s qualified recipients train for more than 15 hours a week in addition to school or college commitments, travel around 650 miles a month to train and compete, and spend more than £6,400 a year on their sport. 

Contributions from the Caesars Foundation assists SportsAid recipients in meeting essential costs acquired when competing at the national and international level, including travel, training, accommodation, competition fees and equipment. 

Underserved Youth

The Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa supports underserved youth by providing educational support and after-school activities.

With a population of around 44,000, Kliptown is a community that lacks the most basic needs, such as schools, health clinics, electricity, and proper sanitation. As a result, children here face vast challenges.

Funding provided by the Caesars Foundation enables the Kliptown Youth Program to help children harness their potential and grow into dynamic individuals through the programs offered by the organization, including school fee support, tutoring programs, tertiary education programs, employment networking, technology resources, library access, food programs, performing arts programs, sports opportunities, environmental groups and professional development guidance.

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Andrea Mestdagh
The Firm Public Relations & Marketing