Get to Know CancerConnect Employee Resource Group at Sanofi

Jul 15, 2015 11:45 AM ET
Campaign: Sanofi Pasteur
Christine Farner, Sanofi Pasteur Employee, Co-Founder of Sanofi's CancerConnect Employee Resource Group

Originally launched in 2009 at Sanofi US in Bridgewater, NJ, CancerConnect was founded at Sanofi Pasteur in Swiftwater, PA, through a conversation that the late Dave Brown, Director, FFIP Filling, Formulation, Inspection, and Packaging Projects and Christine Farner, Senior Director, Industrial Operations Projects, had over lunch. Talking about cancer; they both wanted to give back to the employees of Sanofi that supported them through their own cancer journeys. It was at that moment in 2013 that CancerConnect was born.

CancerConnect recruited Franck Chassant, Vice President Industrial Operations, Sanofi Pasteur to be the executive sponsor. Franck was delighted to support the group as he lost his father to brain cancer years before. With Franck’s support the team quickly grew from 2 to 20 members, his sponsorship was invaluable in advocating for the team and its mission.

The CancerConnect team is focused on cancer awareness education and supporting our colleagues that are impacted by cancer. A cancer diagnosis may be tough, whether it is you, a family member, or a friend.  CancerConnect’s services provide support for those times, when a person impacted by cancer needs to talk, be directed to information or just have someone be there when they are going through cancer related ‘stuff.’

The CancerConnect team provides confidential support to employee contacts from anywhere in North America – while it is primarily based in Swiftwater, PA the calls and emails come in from colleagues at all affiliates in North America. Once a call is received; it is directed to someone that can relate to that specific type of cancer/situation through their own experience. Always confidential – it is the CancerConnect team’s biggest pleasure to help someone when they contact CancerConnect. Currently, they receive approximately 2 calls/emails every week from colleagues asking for information about cancer for themselves or a loved one. The CancerConnect team thinks that helping colleagues is the best part of what they get to do!

CancerConnect also has an internal website which provides information on cancer; makes reference books available; and Sanofi provides support for several-cancer related events every year in which employees also participate. All of this brings awareness, support and education to our colleagues.