Generation Change's Hands Off Presents: Simply Sayo

Apr 12, 2023 9:00 AM ET

Generation Change (GenChange) is an audience-inspired, audience-led initiative at Paramount designed to elevate and empower young people who are driving change around the world. Generation Change creates tailored programming in collaboration with our brands and markets by young agents of change who are passionate about improving their communities.

In direct response to some of the overt transgressive and oppressive acts endured by women in recent times, GenChange is producing a new digital campaign focusing in on the ways society polices the bodies of women for Women’s History Month. The campaign titled, “Hands Off [my body, my rights, my future, my choice] includes a video series, PSAs, and a short documentary profiling gender equality change-makers based in the UK.

Watch the featured video for a showcase of Hands Off! These PSAs emphasize ways to take action for those wanting to get involved with efforts on gender equality being made around the world. Changemaker Evie Muir delivers her message for International Women’s Day 2023 and Women's History Month, thanking her mother, highlighting the importance of supporting Black queer survivors and addressing the importance of racial equity within the feminist movement.

As part of GenChange’s commitment to provide resources and platforms, the campaign encouraged conversation amongst audiences using the IWD #EmbraceEquity hashtag and signposted people to helplines for information. Additionally, in partnership with our change makers, this campaign will promote local (to the U.K.) organizations for those seeking resources for themselves or others. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised, please visit