Gen Z Is Penning a New Golden Age of Journalism

Sep 14, 2023 3:10 PM ET
Podcast guest Alexa Mikhail

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Journalism’s “Golden Age” was very different from the profession today. It’s no longer about getting the big interview or capturing the nation’s attention with a blockbuster story. Now, anyone can simply go online to report their own news.

The field is far from dying though. Gen Z’s entrance into the workforce highlights how the generation's values, combined with technological shifts, are shaping a different yet equally impactful era for journalism.

We invited Gen Zer Alexa Mikhail, Reporter at Fortune Magazine to share her journey from the classroom to the newsroom. Alexa also delves deep into her generation, exploring their resolute pursuit of authenticity, purpose, and work-life balance.

Listen for insights on: 

  • How to attract and retain Gen-Z employees
  • The mental health crisis and its impact on employees and work
  • Navigating fields that traditionally value experience as a young professional

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