G&A Institute Announces 2024 Pathfinder Webinar Series

Navigating the New Regulatory Environment for Corporate Sustainability Disclosures
Mar 27, 2024 10:00 AM ET

NEW YORK, March 27, 2024 /3BL/ - Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. (G&A), a leader in corporate sustainability consulting and research, is pleased to announce its 2024 Pathfinder Webinar Series. Registration is now open for the first segment of the series to be held on Wednesday, April 24. Click here to register.

Participants will dive into an ocean of knowledge, with the G&A team and guest experts helping to demystify the shifting tides of sustainability reporting and regulatory compliance. This essential series will provide the latest insights, practical strategies, and tactics to address requirements and navigate the rapidly changing landscape of global sustainability disclosure and reporting — not just in the U.S. but also in Europe and globally.

Each segment of the series is tailored to meet the needs of U.S. corporate executives and managers in areas including finance, accounting, investor relations, public affairs, legal affairs, ERM, and sustainability.


  • Making Connections: EU Regulations - Impact on US Companies 
    Divided into three parts, each segment will offer a deep exploration of EU regulations and their significant implications for U.S. companies. 
    • Making Connections 1: Placing CSRD in the Context of the EU Regulatory Landscape 
      Wednesday, April 24th @ 1PM EST (60 min) 
      The CSRD is a natural progression of pre-existing EU legislation and a significant step forward for achieving long-term EU sustainability and climate goals. Recognizing this context allows us to better understand the intent behind CSRD and gain useful insight into how the regulatory landscape may continue to evolve. Peter Paul van de Wijs, Chief Policy Officer of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) will be joining this segment of the series and will address the impacts on U.S. companies. 
    • Making Connections 2: Cross-Cutting ESRS Reporting Requirements 
      Wednesday, May 15th @ 1PM EST (45 min) 
      Examines the specific requirements contained in the ESRS with a particular focus on the cross-cutting, mandatory ESRS 1 General Requirements and ESRS 2 General Disclosures. These general standards are foundational to ESRS reporting, and understanding their intricacies and interconnections will set the stage for successful ESRS implementation. 
    • Making Connections 3: Topical ESRS & GRI Standards 
      Wednesday, May 22nd @ 1PM EST (45 min) 
      Highlights the ten topical ESRS and provides a simple method for breaking down the requirements contained in each. Explores the interconnectivity and usefulness of GRI Standards disclosures, and other common standards, for ESRS implementation. 
  • The SEC, California & Other Climate Disclosure Rules 
    Wednesday, June 12th @ 1PM EST (60 min) 
    This segment will look at recent and important climate disclosure rules including the SEC’s final climate disclosure rules, California State's climate disclosure rules — such as SB 253, the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, SB 261, and AB 1305 — and potential regional regulations from other states such as New York and Illinois. Speakers will guide attendees through the intricacies of these diverse regulations, highlighting their similarities and differences in how they address climate goals, risk management, and offset strategies. Sustainability professionals will gain the knowledge needed to effectively align their strategies with multiple regulatory standards. 
  • IFRS’ ISSB Reporting Standards 
    Fall 2024 - To Be Announced 
    This segment delves into the IFRS International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and its emerging standards. We will specifically focus on the global context of IFRS S1 and S2, discussing their implications and future developments in ISSB standards that are pertinent to U.S. companies. Participants will take away critical insights into how these international standards intersect with and influence U.S. reporting practices. 
  • COSO Controls for Sustainability Information 
    Fall 2024 - To Be Announced 
    Featuring Shari Littan, JD, CPA, the lead author of the COSO interpretive guidance, “Achieving Effective Internal Control Over Sustainability Reporting,” on its way to becoming the generally accepted for designing and implanting controls over sustainability reporting (ICSR). This segment will focus on the unique informational risks related to sustainability reporting and the critical need for robust processes, controls, and oversight systems. Attendees will recognize the importance of these controls in delivering information that is reliable and trustworthy and in accordance with current regulatory standards.

The Pathfinder Webinar Series is designed to inform and empower corporate reporters with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of both domestic and international sustainability reporting.

It is a must-attend for professionals seeking to plan and stay ahead in the dynamic field of global sustainability reporting and to ensure their company's reporting practices are robust, relevant, and resonant on the world stage.

The G&A team invites you to join us on this enlightening journey through the new regulatory environment for sustainability disclosures. Be informed and be prepared! Click here to register.

To keep up with additional information about the series and to sign up, please visit: https://www.ga-institute.com/webinar/pathfinder-series.html.

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