Friendly Advice from the Pharmacist Has Quantifiable Benefits

Jan 10, 2012 4:35 PM ET

CVS Caremark FYI

Dealing with a chronic condition like diabetes is not something most people do alone. They rely on the support of family and friends -- and of course their physician. A just-released study published in the January edition of the medical journal Health Affairs highlights another important relationship in this critical support network: that between the patient and their pharmacist.   That relationship is more significant than ever thanks to a program CVS Caremark first started for patients with diabetes in 2009 called Pharmacy Advisor. Basically the pharmacist uses information technology to identify which patients are at risk of not taking their medications as directed. These patients then receive a phone call, or in many cases, an in-person reminder from the pharmacist, who provides them with useful information on how they can better control their diabetes by being more aware and mindful of how and when they take their meds.    Read more about CVS Caremark's Pharmacy Advisor.   CVS20076