Four Workplace Giving Myths

Four Workplace Giving Myths

By Charisse Browner

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Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 3:00pm

I had a conversation with a family member recently when asking him if he "gives at the office." He stated that he does not participate in their company's workplace giving program. When I asked why, he explained, "My small dollars won't make a difference and besides, we can't select the charity we want to give to." I gave him some advice to take back to his employer that will hopefully change their outlook on their program.

Many employees think just because a workplace giving program is set up a particular way, that is the only option and the program cannot be changed, particularly if "charity choice" is not part of the program. Many companies are very focused on employee engagement and participation and now offer charity choice - meaning you can give to any 501c3 organization. A successful workplace giving program is supposed to be designed with the EMPLOYEE in mind. If your employer stays true to this notion, your company will have a successful program with increased participation and company-wide acceptance.

While the concept of workplace giving is not new, it may be new to you.

If you are an employer, an online workplace giving program is a great way to engage your employees in philanthropy while meeting your CRS goals, not to mention the additional uses it can be used for such as volunteering, matching gift, disaster relief and employee emergency assistance.

If you are an employee, get involved in your company's workplace giving program (or ask that one be created). It's a great way to meet your philanthropic goals and to find volunteer opportunities for yourself and for your family.

I voluntarily participate in my employer's workplace giving program (after learning that the four myths listed below) are just that, myths. What's best? I know that my money is being well-spent at the charities that I give to (five annually), and that I am helping those that need it most.

I am a curious person by nature and will always ask, "Why?" The following myths about workplace giving programs were brought to my attention recently that I thought to share with you as well.

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