Five Predictions for Food and Agtech in 2024

Feb 12, 2024 8:00 AM ET
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Originally published by Forbes.

By Shayna Harris.

I spoke to over a dozen top food and agtech experts, entrepreneurs and investors about their predictions for the food and agtech market in 2024. I asked, What food tech trends are you most bullish on for 2024? 

The last tech revolutions in food and agriculture - the Industrial Revolution and Green Revolution - started in the 1760’s and in the 1950’s, respectively. It is time for an upgrade. Experts predict that ‘boring’ industries will apply technology to produce important impacts in labor, agriculture, health, and food delivery.

  • “One of my key takeaways from COP28 is that I believe 2024 will see an increased focus by technology companies and private investors to accelerate and scale innovations that improve business performance while reducing food system emissions and/or ensuring food security and nutrition for those in need in our country and throughout the world.” Suzanne Long, Chief Sustainability and Transformation Officer at Albertsons Companies

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