Federal Bailout Creates Two Societies - The Solution

Good-B Blogger Monika Mitchell brings you Solutions for Economic Recovery
Dec 10, 2010 8:00 AM ET

The Economy of Trust

 by Monika Mitchell

The Federal Reserve has been making news again this past week. A plan to pour $600 billion into the economy and the full disclosure of where the bailout money went these past three years have created new controversy. The shocking truth is that trillions (not billions) were spent to support Wall Street while little has made its way to Main Street. National unemployment grows and ordinary Americans continue to struggle for economic survival. GoodB financial reform blogger Monika Mitchell examines the Federal Reserve strategy and lending practices in a four part series on the U.S. Economic Bailout. 

Part 3 & 4: the Solution
In case you missed it: Part 1 & 2 

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