Eyeing New Technology for Pipeline Leak Detection

Innovative leak detection technology to be used at a TransCanada pump station
Jan 30, 2015 8:00 AM ET
TransCanada Pump Station: Intelliview Technologies will demonstrate a new automated fluid leak detection system at a pump station in Canada.

Eyeing new technology for pipeline leak detection

When it comes to triple axels, even the most imperceptible of flaws in a figure skater’s performance can impact a final score. So when University of Calgary professor Dr. Wael Badawy was approached to develop a video algorithm to record and analyze the performance of figure skaters for better results, he realized he may have a business with a great number of potential applications on his hands. He explored these with his research team introducing innovative video analytic applications in hospital, airport and wildlife settings.

Jump ahead 12 years and Intelliview Technologies Inc. is now implementing its patented technology in pipeline leak detection and asset security with sophisticated video equipment and software designed to measure temperature, size, speed, shape and colour that can alert monitoring stations to even the smallest of anomalies.

In fact, Intelliview recently announced the commencement of a program to demonstrate the company’s automated fluid leak detection system at a TransCanada pump station on the Keystone line in Alberta. The new program will demonstrate Intelliview’s system with thermal cameras that can detect leaks as small as a piece of paper. And beyond leak detection alone, the program also incorporates site security using Intelliview thermal cameras and a suite of defined analytics. Read more...