Explore the Methodology and Findings of “The $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity” Report

Mar 14, 2024 8:30 AM ET
Webinar cover with the text "The $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity for Brands"

The latest report from the research technology company Glow, in collaboration with 3BL, TriplePundit and panel partner Cint, The $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity for Brands is stirring up attention and sparking conversation on sustainability's impact on an organization's bottom line. 

Our very own Mary Mazzoni, VP Content and Executive Editor of TriplePundit, alongside Glow’s Founder and CEO, Tim Clover and Managing Director, Data Products, Mike Johnston, sat down for a conversation on the landmark report’s methodology and findings.

As the first piece of research to attach a dollar figure to the value of sustainability for brands, they discuss the impact of responsible practices on brand value and consumer perception. For those seeking insights on how much consumers care about what brands do when it comes to society and the environment, and how it factors into their purchasing decisions, look no further than this deep dive.

Watch the full conversation here.