Europe Wants to Cut Green House Gas Emissions by 40% By 2030

Europe Wants to Cut Green House Gas Emissions by 40% By 2030

by Sangeeta Haindl

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - 8:00am



European leaders have just announced an agreed climate change pact forcing the European Union (EU) to cut greenhouse gases by 40 percent by 2030. As well as the greenhouse gas, two 27 percent targets were put forth: for renewable energy market share and an increase in energy efficiency improvement. The former is binding only on the EU as a whole, while the latter would be optional, although it could be raised to 30 percent by a review in 2020. The binding decision came after heated discussions at a summit in Brussels, as some members argued that their varied interests should be protected. Poland, which is heavily reliant on coal, fears that the costs of decarbonising its economy will slow business growth. Its concerns were echoed by other Central and Eastern European members.

Overall, many say this deal is a compromise between countries that rely heavily on coal, and those willing to install greater emissions cuts. Environmental groups welcomed the deal, but said it did not go far enough. Key aspects of the agreement that will form a bargaining position for global climate talks in Paris 2015 were left vague, raising questions as to how the aims would be achieved.

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