Ethics Hotline Best Practices

Ethics Hotline Best Practices


Overview of an ethics hotline that incorporates key best practices.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - 7:00am

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MYECCHO is a third-party Ethics Hotline service provider that incorporates these industry Best Practices:
- Access to Ethics Hotline 24/7/365
- Multilingual reporting
- Multiple methods to reach Ethics Hotline: Internet, toll-free phone, fax, email, mail
- Customized landing page
- Integrated with existing helplines
- Ethics Hotline handles all workplace issues: accounting matters, regs violations, conflict of interest, EHS concerns, misconduct, theft, discrimination/harassment, breach of confidentiality, anonymous suggestions
- Incident report processing by trained pros and per legal requirements
- Anonymous reporters can see admin responses and enter follow-up
- Comprehensive case management for administrators with custom reporting tool
- Multiple security layers
- Designed with the user in mind; easy for administrators too
- Ethics program guidance for SMBs, corporations, nonprofits, hospitals, schools, banks, local governments

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