Erb Institute and Ross School of Business Professor, Andy Hoffman Honored with 2017 Aspen Institute "Ideas Worth Teaching Award"

May 8, 2018 3:15 PM ET

Professor Andy Hoffman was honored today as a recipient of the 2017 Ideas Worth Teaching Awards for his class on Sustainable Business in Iceland offered through Global Initiatives at the Ross School of Business.

Upon receiving the award Andy Hoffman commented,

“I am truly honored to be receiving this award, both for its own sake, and also for the impressive company of other award winners.

While I’ve taught business sustainability in many formats, being able to bring students to Iceland brought the subject matter to life in a novel and compelling way. Given its location at the fault line between the European and North American tectonic plates, and its unparalleled access to geothermal energy, Iceland finds itself in a uniquely opportunistic position. However, there are tough questions still to grapple with, namely how Iceland can harness this energy in a way that both feeds its economy and helps it reduce its carbon footprint.

It was an absolute pleasure to share the concept and promise of business sustainability with an undergraduate group of students. Their questions and comments were on point, and it was fun for me to see their excitement as they quickly began to grasp the scope of the opportunity and possibilities for business to be a positive force in society.”

Jerry Davis and Chris White, also professors at the Ross School of Business were similarly honored for their course on Intrapreneurship: Leading Social Innovation in Organizations.

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