Entrepreneurs Raise Capital with Investors' Circle

Entrepreneurs Raise Capital with Investors' Circle

Early-stage businesses grow with help from a veteran network.
Friday, July 20, 2012 - 12:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Investors' Circle Fall 2012 Venture Fair & Forum

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Investors' Circle is the oldest, largest and most successful early-stage impact investing network in the world.  Hundreds of angels, venture capitalists, foundations and family offices have joined this network over the past two decades to promote the transition to a sustainable economy.

Together they have propelled $152 million plus $4 billion of follow-on investment, into 250 companies and funds dedicated to improving the environment, education, health, and community.  "Investors' Circle is a dream come true for entrepreneurs--a community sourcing smart, values-based capital. Best part? They're patient and helpful even when dealing with crazy entrepreneurs pulled in 20 directions. A truly remarkable organization," says Amanda Steinberg, Founder of Daily Worth, a company that delivers financial tips daily to a community of women and recent investee.

The first half of 2012 has seen fifteen deals close and more than twice as many are projected to reach agreement before the year's end.  Learn Zillion, School House and Goalbook (education), BlackGold Biofuels, Ensolve Biosystems and Locus Energy (energy & environmental solutions), and Genomic Expression (biotech) are a sampling of the wide range of network interest and all successfully raised capital through Investors' Circle.

It is commonly the bigger names, like ZipCar and Niman Ranch (both raised capital from Investors' Circle early on) that spark recognition and for good reason; the two companies have now surpassed sales well over $200 million. These are classic examples of "impact" companies that are making a profit and offer measurable solutions to environmental and health issues.

Impact enterprises looking to raise between $50K and $2M are encouraged to apply to Investors' Circle. Applications are being accepted through August 3rd in consideration for a fall venture fair in New York.  There is an online application format (GUST) and tt is recommended that entrepreneurs first review IC's "deal criteria" to determine fit. Learn more here

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