Energy Efficient Superstars: Are You One of Them?

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Oct 4, 2010 3:39 PM ET

Taiga Company Blog

According to the post, Best States for Energy Efficiency, "if you live in Connecticut, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey or Ohio your state is doing something right – a lot right – when it comes to energy efficiency.  The ten states deserve kudos, in that order, for policies that encourage energy efficiency, according to a report issued this week by the Center for American Progress and Energy Resource Management Corp. 

As is often the case with US energy policy, it is states, not the federal government, leading the way in fostering energy efficiency markets.  However, on the flip side, as a personal sustainability program, what are you doing to be an energy efficient superstar?  As mentioned in our eco friendly consulting, awareness is the tool used to help discover the personal patterns of behavior that offer low hanging fruit for a sustainable lifestyle.   Are you aware of your habits related to energy?  Consider how and when you consume the most energy in your day?  How could you be more efficient? What inspiring eco actions could you take?  Conscious awareness is key to sparking the eco awareness in a personal sustainability program.  Following are eco- tips to get you started on being the energy superstar that you are! 
  • Replace dead light bulbs with CFLs and watch your energy savings increase.

  • Buy a programmable thermostat.  By setting your thermostat on a timer you’ll save energy but still enjoy heating and cooling when you need it most.

  • Lower the temperature on your water heater by a few degrees to save gas and/or electricity.

  • As old appliances fail, purchase new appliances with the Energy Star rating.

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