The End of the Ice Age: Sustainability Behind the Bar

by Julie Fahnestock
May 4, 2015 5:00 PM ET
Campaign: CSR Blogs


Craft-beer connoisseurs. Kids and parents experiencing the magic of Disney World. Caribbean-cruising yachters. Red hat ladies toasting with bubbly. Racetrack fans in the stands. Screaming fans at concerts and televised games. There’s one thing these folks have in common: the expectation of an ice-cold beverage.  Whether they are drinking a beer, a soda, champagne or bottled water, they want it fast and cold. How about a perfectly refreshing, 31 degrees cold? IceFree™ Liquid Chilling Systems is revolutionizing an “ice-age” old industry through a patent-pending, water circulation system.

Until now, the chilling of beverages has typically entailed bartenders and staff dumping expensive ice into bins where beverages and ice fight for space. The production, storage and use of ice to chill canned and bottled beverages is a tremendous cost and waste—in water, power, space and labo—to restaurants, bar owners and the environment. Because of this waste, ice production inhibits these industries from operationalizing sustainability into everyday activities. But IceFree™ Liquid Chilling Systems is changing that.

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Julie is passionate about telling the story of where business meets good. She is the Founder of B Storytelling, a content development company specifically designed to help popularize the good happening through business. They do this by helping Benefit Corporations and other social enterprises identify, build and leverage their brands. Julie has an MBA in Managing for Sustainability from Marlboro Graduate School. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, Thomas.