Is Eco Fashion Your Passion?

Apr 8, 2010 9:18 AM ET

Taiga Company Blog

Forward thinking designers around the world are merging fashion with eco awareness.  Hence the term,  “eco-fashion.”  It refers to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques.  

As a green living consultant introducing sustainability concepts to living a green/ sustainable lifestyle, it makes sense to look for different ways to integrate eco awareness into your life.  The most impactful areas of our lives are those that we do by habit.  We dress daily, so why not add eco awareness to our fashion?    With eco awareness on the rise, more and more sustainable options are becoming available.  Even traditional brands like Levi's, American apparel, and Nike are offering eco friendly apparel.  While it's always fun to purchase new clothes, it's best to use what you've got and sprinkle in new eco fashion items as you need them.    Click here to continue reading.   TAIGA5876