EARTHWARDS: Moving toward a Healthy Future – Continuous Greener Improvement on Our Products

May 20, 2011 8:00 AM ET


From Ann Lee-Jeffs, Manager, Worldwide Environmental Health & Safety Research & Development, Johnson & Johnson   As a product steward at Johnson & Johnson, I’m constantly thinking about the environmental impact of products whether I’m shopping at the mall or picking up groceries at the supermarket. It’s more than just my job – it’s become a part of my life.   At Johnson & Johnson, we recognize the importance of caring for the environment as do our consumers. Given this, in 2009, Johnson & Johnson introduced EARTHWARDS™, a process that helps the product teams at our operating companies assess the environmental and social impacts across a product’s full life cycle and the work to reduce those impacts. The process also celebrates greener product successes, and enables brand teams to evaluate potential environmental claims with a clear set of information.   To be considered for EARTHWARDS™ designation, a product must achieve a greater than 10 percent improvement in at least three of the seven areas below:
  • Materials used

  • Packaging reduction

  • Energy reduction

  • Waste reduction

  • Water reduction

  • Positive social impact or benefit

  • Product innovation

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