Drones, Digitalization and More: The Key Trends Driving Wind Energy Investment in Asia and Beyond

Dec 15, 2021 3:15 PM ET

As adoption of wind energy gains momentum worldwide, Black & Veatch looks to Asia—in which wind expansion almost doubled in 2020 compared to 2019—as a promising region for development of wind energy.

To discuss upcoming wind energy trends in the area and beyond, Sam Scupham, associate vice president at Black & Veatch, spoke with Southeast Asia Construction. He notes the investment appetite for wind energy projects in Asia is growing, as the renewable source will accelerate decarbonization in the region.

As wind energy projects continue to multiply around the world, Scupham estimates key trends will include hybrid generation systems that integrate renewable electricity generation with energy storage, deployment of higher hub heights and larger rotor diameters to increase generation capacities, and digitalization to optimize supply and demand cycles.

Scupham also notes that new technologies like drones and autonomous machines will pave the way for more efficient construction and management of wind energy resources, but that preparation is key to developing despite the pandemic.

“In the face of rapidly evolving pandemic challenges, meticulous planning of resources and logistics will be critical to renewable energy project success,” said Scupham to Southeast Asia Construction.