Driving Sustainable Change: Our Role in the PEF Initiative

Jun 21, 2024 11:05 AM ET
Campaign: Leadership
EU Product Environment Footprint blog

In this latest blog written by Jeremy Lardeau, Senior VP, Higg Index at Cascale, the pivotal role of Cascale in supporting the development of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Category Rules (PEFCR) for apparel and footwear is explored. Cascale's commitment to fostering industry collaboration and ensuring reliable, verifiable sustainability claims is highlighted through its work with the European Commission. The Commission has engaged Cascale to convene a multi-stakeholder Technical Secretariat (TS) to set a standardized methodology for product environmental impact assessment. This initiative not only helps combat greenwashing but also promotes transparency across the industry.

Read on to learn more about how Cascale is driving meaningful change and supporting the EU in establishing a common language for environmental impact assessment. Read the full blog here.