Driving Sustainability With Better Business Spend Management: How Organizations Can Use Coupa and EcoVadis to Reduce Risk and Drive Value

Jan 25, 2022 9:00 AM ET
Coupa: Driving Sustainability with better spend management. How organizations can use Coupa and EcoVadis to reduce risk and drive value.

Originally published on EcoVadis newsroom

Sustainability has long since been established as a critical component of effective risk management across every industry. It has also evolved to be a key contributor in value creation and bottom-line return on investment. Properly integrated into an overarching sustainability governance infrastructure, an effectively optimized sustainable procurement program can support your organization in closing sales, innovating new products and services, enhancing employee engagement, and reducing supplier costs.

But to support sustainable procurement processes and optimize decision making with respect to supply chain management, organizations need to bring together the right data from the right sources into one place. This eBook provides an introduction to the effective integration of sustainability performance data into the purchasing function and demonstrates how, through third-party providers like EcoVadis, Coupa enables users to harness technology in minimizing supplier risk and optimizing procurement spend.

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