Dr. Tiph Turpin Shares How Defining Success Today Will Land Your Next Role

By Sahara Ali
May 30, 2023 9:45 AM ET

Ensuring women are represented in all levels, including leadership positions is crucial to a company’s success – from building gender equity, to fostering an innovative environment. It also helps businesses continue to inspire and create access for generations of women leaders to come. Women make up 47% of the workforce and hold 23% of executive positions – yet women of color consist of only 13% of the C-suite roles.

Increasing representation and access for women in the workplace is a topic Dr. Tiph Turpin, Global VP of Employee Communications, has been passionate about her entire career. Faced with a lack of representation in her own field, she has dedicated her time to mentorship, advocacy, and equal opportunity in corporate spaces. We were able to connect with Tiph and learn more about her journey and guidance for other women and women of color who aspire to be in leadership.

Tiph Turpin is a PRWeek 40 under 40 honoree who leads global employee communications at Expedia Group. She delivers award-winning communications and manages her teams as an impact-first organization that develops internal storytelling about Expedia Group’s business strategy, sharing what it means for travel to be a force for good.

On Choosing Expedia Group and Travel

Tiph was drawn to the travel industry and Expedia Group’s vision to lead transformation through technology, especially given the way pandemic changed the way people approach travel.

“After the height of the pandemic, there was a new meaning to travel. We’ve seen the impact travel can have, to open apertures for how we view each other, experience the world, and it can shape how we see our own potential. Being part of this passion for travel and technology drove me to join Expedia Group. There is a real spirit to run toward change and run toward innovation here.”

On the Journey to VP

Tiph experienced continued career growth since joining Expedia Group in 2021 – from Senior Director to VP – is a considerable jump to make in anyone’s career and that can have a big shift in management objectives. She shares how focusing on being a great leader to her team has been a key part of her success, and how other companies can foster growth in their teams.

“In order to fully appreciate all aspects of your employees, you need to go deep into what someone wants to contribute and how they want to contribute. It’s important that you understand your employees as individuals and be clear on how you and that person measures success.”

Tiph shared that companies need to be more aware than ever that success looks differently for each person, and the ways success is measured need to evolve. But how do we identify that?

“We start with feedback. We are in a new era in the tech ecosystem and businesses need to hold space for success to look differently for each person. One of the ways individual contributors can do this, and identify if they’re ready for the next step in their career as managers or leaders, is to collect feedback.”

“Keep getting feedback from that 360 angle and understand your business scope. Make sure you have a good mix of sponsors, personal champions and mentors.”

On Women Navigating Imposter Syndrome

Many of us have had moments of doubt – whether you’re positioning yourself for a pay raise or beginning a new job. Imposter syndrome can be the fear and discomfort of ‘not checking all the boxes’ or not being ready/worthy of an opportunity. It is often felt disproportionally by marginalized groups such as women and people of color due to years of systemic bias and exclusion. Tiph shares advice on battling these notions.

“If you’re a woman and you’re not sure about your own readiness, you need to know that it’s not just you. Countless studies have shown that women don’t apply for opportunities unless they feel over-confident in their abilities to match the job description. It’s important to recognize that notions like this can hold us back – both individually, and as a community. Use the feedback from your circle of sponsors, mentors, peers and managers.”

“Don’t let yourself feel stifled if you don’t check all the boxes and propel yourself in the direction that is right for you.”

On Prioritizing Balance 

During the pandemic, many parents saw firsthand how career ambitions and family aspirations needed to be renegotiated and prioritized. For Tiph, this is when she learned some of the best advice she got in her career.

“When I came back from maternity leave [the first time], I found myself working around the clock, hyper-focusing on getting as many tasks done as possible and emailing at all hours of the day. The advice I got from a fellow parent and mentor was that I needed to reassess how I measure my value, and impact.

At that time, I felt my impact was the volume of work I was outputting. But as you grow in your career you need to think about how to become more efficient. The hours may be less, but you learn how to make your efficiency skyrocket.”

On Finding Mentors to Help Redefine Success

Sometimes, it takes an external pair of eyes to push us to the next level of our performance. Tiph shares that mentors can be the catalyst for these career changes. 

“You need to reevaluate how you determine success. Mentors can be very helpful in asking these types of questions with you:

1. What does amazing delivery look like? 
2. How am I a differentiator in the workplace? 
3. How do I troubleshoot my current blockers? 
4. How might I improve my efficiency?” 

Tiph also shares that it’s important to address and be specific on what a mentor looks like and push yourself to grow into the leader you want to see. “Sometimes, people don’t think of themselves as a mentor. But we each have something unique we can provide to others– be it counsel, or advice. People need to step into that more, no matter your level! There’s always space for being able to lift other folks as we climb.” 

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