Don’t Miss These 5 Highlights From HPE’s New Living Progress Sustainability Report

Jun 27, 2018 9:00 AM ET

HPE’s new Living Progress Report demonstrates how we’re applying the innovation engine of HPE to corporate citizenship and sustainability.  At HPE, Living Progress is our plan to create sustainable solutions for our company, our customers, and our world. It’s the way we integrate sustainability into our business strategy, building on a commitment articulated by our founders 60 years ago.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

1. HPE ranked among the world’s most sustainable companies

Sustainability and ESG issues are rising to the top of Board room agendas as investors, customers, and regulators increasingly take note. For the sixth consecutive year, HPE’s commitment to sustainability has earned distinction on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which recognizes the world’s most sustainable companies. HPE received the highest industry score on six indicators including our climate strategy and commitment to human rights, as well as economic dimensions including policy influence and privacy protection.

HPE also achieved the highest possible ranking from CDP for our carbon management and commitment to reducing climate-related risks, ranking in the top 4% of companies evaluated across the globe.

2. HPE beat the competition with sustainable innovation

To address the exponential increase in demand for computing power, HPE is delivering a new breed of innovation that is purpose-built to maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance and scale. Last year, HPE accounted for more supercomputers in the Green500 list than any other company and secured the #1 ranking for the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world. The introduction of new consumption models and pay-as-you-go services are also achieving reductions in energy use, hardware materials, and end-of-life costs for our customers.

Beyond efficiency, HPE is delivering world leading security and reliability. For example, HPE-developed “silicon root of trust” technology in our Gen10 servers makes them the most secure industry-standard servers on the market.

3. HPE partnered with customers to tackle global challenges and expand our markets

Technological advancements are turning unprecedented amounts of data into actionable insights, enabling ground-breaking scientific research and new levels of efficiencies in the way we live and work. How can we double agricultural outputs to feed a growing population? How can we accelerate the process of finding cures to diseases? How can we reinvent cities to improve the lives of citizens? Partnering with our customers, we’re tackling social and environmental challenges such as these, while identifying new market opportunities for our business.

We’re also partnering with non-profit organizations to harness the power of technology for a better world. This past year we launched pilots for three Living Progress Challenge winning solutions: piloting a financial management tool with rural women in Tanzania, connecting mentors with high school students in Mexico to reduce drop-out rates, and analyzing trade data to combat illegal fishing across our oceans.

4. HPE attracted top talent through industry-leading inclusion, diversity and employee engagement

This year, HPE was acknowledged with 100% ratings by the Human Rights Equality Index and the U.S. Business Leadership Network Disability Index. We recognize the importance of fostering an inclusive environment and hold our people leaders accountable for the actions they take to support diversity and inclusion within their own teams.

Our employees are also integral to expanding HPE’s positive impact in the communities beyond our walls. Last year, employee charitable donations of time and money totaled over $4.5 million. And through the launch of our newest employee-nominated grants program, we have already distributed nearly $275,000 in grants to non-profits that our employees have meaningfully engaged with.

5. HPE catalyzed climate action in the IT industry and beyond

This year HPE achieved our operational emissions reduction goal (25% reduction by 2025) seven years ahead of schedule, and set an industry-first supply chain goal to help our suppliers set and achieve their own science-based emissions targets that align with the goals of the global Paris accord.

To create a long-term commercial incentive for suppliers, we commit that by 2025 80% of HPE’s manufacturing spend will go to suppliers with science-based targets in place. HPE’s capability-building program will provide suppliers with training on low-carbon strategies, eliminate barriers to participation, and drive greater accountability. It’s our goal that this new standard for supplier engagement will create a ripple effect that drives action throughout our company, customers, and the world.

To learn more about how HPE Living Progress is creating sustainable solutions for our company, our customers, and our world, check out HPE’s Living Progress Report

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