DoE INCITE Award for Cadence CFD

Jan 24, 2022 10:00 AM ET

We are very excited to be part of a team selected for a Dept. of Energy INCITE Award. The Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment program is how the DoE's Office of Science provides the scientific community access to the world's fastest supercomputers. This competitive program is meant to accelerate progress on grand challenges in science and engineering.

Cadence CFD is part of a team led by the Univ. of Kansas that also includes NVIDIA. Led by KU's Prof. Z.J. Wang, this team will conduct a wall-resolved, large eddy simulation of the NASA Common Research Model aircraft in high-lift configuration using an implicit, high-order, unstructured mesh, compressible flow solver on the Summit supercomputer. This problem is considered a grand challenge in aerospace engineering and the results will be very valuable in the development of turbulence models and wall models.

Use of Summit will allow the team to perform some extreme computations using the 600,000 node-hours included in the award. Summit is based on IBM PowerPC CPUs and NVIDIA V100 GPUs.

You can read more about INCITE at and all the 2022 awards here.

We'll be sharing results as the team makes progress throughout the year so stay tuned!

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