Diverse and Inclusive Workforce Inspires Innovation at Shire

Apr 26, 2017 11:05 AM ET

At Shire, we are committed to people of all races, genders and sexual orientations. We believe our collective differences provide a solid foundation for our sector-leading position. Harnessing our differences provides a wealth of ideas and innovations that allow us to be more responsive to customer needs.

We do not have diversity targets or quotas and we do not focus exclusively on one group of employees over another. We do, however, make sure we foster a positive and inclusive culture, and we aim to provide all employees with a supportive work environment that values diverse opinions and experiences.

In 2016, we reinforced our commitment to diversity and inclusion by extending our employee-led Business Resource Groups (BRGs) across the entire organization. An active part of legacy Baxalta, we are pleased to have introduced BRGs across all of Shire this year.

These networks play an important role in ensuring Shire is as diverse as the patients we serve. Dedicated websites and information about each of our BRGs were also created or updated throughout 2016, to raise awareness of BRGs and provide insight to any employees interested in participating.

Throughout June, we celebrated Pride Month, globally. Led by B-Equal, Shire’s LGBTQ+ Business Resource Group, colleagues from across the business joined together in numerous events to show support for the LGBTQ+ community and value the diverse contributions of all. In Northern Illinois, for example, colleagues celebrated Pride Month at a screening of award-winning documentary filmmaker Yoruba Richen’s film, “The New Black”, which focuses on the intersection of the Black and LGBTQ+ civil rights movements.

Learn more about Shire's committment to diversity and inclusion in the 2016 Annual Responsibility Review.