Dispelling Misconceptions About Electric Vehicles: Fact vs. Fiction

Dec 7, 2022 11:00 AM ET

Energized by Edison, our company's digital platform for storytelling, recently published a four-part video series about electric vehicles (EVs). The series addresses recent concerns about the push to electrify, as some have called into question California's ambitious goals to speed up the adoption of EVs to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets. We highlight the video series below and dispel four central myths about EVs.

Myth 1: The Grid Won't Be Able to Handle the Demands of More EVs.

There is widespread concern that the electrical grid won't be able to handle the increase in EV adoption — especially as California phases out the sale of gasoline-powered cars. What happens if we do get 7 million EVs on the road — which is what we need by 2030 to meet California's climate goals? Here's what SCE is doing to ensure the grid is ready: Electric Vehicles: Fact vs. Fiction (Part One) | Energized by Edison

Fact: California will need 7 million EVs on the road by 2030 to meet the state's climate goals.


Myth 2: I Can't Charge My Car if the Power Goes Out.

Will your electric car be useless if there's a power outage? How will you charge your vehicle if the power goes out? What if you have an emergency? We think the answers to these questions will surprise you. Learn more here: Electric Vehicles: Fact vs. Fiction (Part Two) | Energized by Edison

Fact: EVs are just as reliable as gas-powered cars during a power outage.


Myth 3: There Aren't Enough Charging Stations.

Let's admit a known fear about driving an EV: being stuck on the roadside with a dead EV battery. This fear may be keeping you from considering an EV purchase. How can you be sure an EV will get you where you need to go? Are there enough charging stations out there? Learn more here: Electric Vehicles: Fact vs. Fiction (Part Three) | Energized by Edison

Fact: SCE's Charge Ready program will add 30,000 EV chargers to Southern California over the next few years.


Myth 4: EVs Are Just as Bad for the Environment as Gas Vehicles.

Are EVs no better for the environment than gasoline-powered cars? The truth is that the cleaner the energy is on the grid (by adding renewable resources like solar and wind), the cleaner the EV you drive. Learn more here: Electric Vehicles: Fact vs. Fiction (Part Four) | Energized by Edison

Fact: The environmental benefits of EVs increase as the electric grid becomes more reliant on clean energy sources like solar and wind.