Developing Local Leaders Builds Global Sustainability

A key factor in Caterpillar's global strength is a distinct focus on local leadership development
Nov 18, 2014 12:00 PM ET

Caterpillar's global presence, depth and breadth of our product line and financial strength are unmatched in the industry. A key factor to this global strength is a distinct focus on local leadership development.

"As we look at building out our Business Model around the world, building local leaders is at the top of our priority list," explains Ed Rapp, Group President with responsibility for Construction Industries. "Development of local leaders around the world is what we have to do if we truly want to be a global company.

"If you think about how strategy execution happens, it starts with a clear articulation of where you want to go, followed by someone driving that execution throughout the organization to turn vision into reality," says Rapp. "And if you think about how that's going to happen around the world, it is so much more effective when it's driven by someone from a local culture in a local language."

Click here to read more about how Caterpillar seeks to develop local leaders in the 2013 Caterpillar Year in Review.


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