Designing a Sustainable Fashion Future With Rothy’s

Jan 30, 2024 2:30 PM ET
Podcast guest Dayna Quanbeck

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The fashion industry is continuing to undergo crucial transformations. With the environmental toll of fast fashion evident, consumers are demanding more from the brands they love: top-notch quality, enduring designs, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Rothy’s, a direct-to-consumer shoes and accessories brand, is leader in this shift. At the heart of Rothy's success is a revolutionary approach to sustainability that combines innovative materials, a zero-waste factory, and no-waste manufacturing practices. Each pair of shoes is crafted not only for style and comfort but designed to minimize its ecological footprint. Rothy's takes it a step further by prioritizing longevity, ensuring their products are designed for long-term use. For products that do reach their end-of-life point, Rothy’sencourages a sustainable life cycle through a recycling program, using well-worn shoes to create new products.

We invited Dayna Quanbeck, President of Rothy’s — but Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer at the time of recording — to explain how the company is helping consumers understand the harmony between fashion and environmental responsibility. As we step into a future that demands both, Rothy's will continue the way with style and sustainability.

Listen for insights on:

  • Revolutionizing the use of unconventional materials like plastic bottles and algae
  • Challenging consumer perceptions of eco-friendly materials
  • Making consumers your product champions
  • Incorporating advocacy into a company’s impact

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