This Data Privacy Day, Protect What You Post and Even What You Don’t

Feb 1, 2012 12:00 PM ET

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By Lynette Owens

January 28 marks the 4th annual Data Privacy Day which is recognized in over 40 countries.  On this day each year since 2008, governments, corporations, schools, and individuals raise awareness about data privacy with the goal of helping us become better equipped to protect our personal information.   In a world where more and more information is created, stored and shared online, and everyone from individual citizens to government organizations is participating in it, maintaining online privacy is an important skill we all have to master.   But protecting your online privacy is not just about knowing how to protect it. It’s also about knowing what you are trying to protect.  Anyone who uses and participates in the Internet has and shares information about themselves of all kinds.  Some of it you post.  Some of it you don’t.    First, there’s the information you actually type or submit as well as things you agree to such as:
  • Name, password, address, email, phone numbers, credit card numbers, date of birth.

  • News about your personal life or that of others.

  • Photos of yourself, your kids, others.

  • Privacy policies you agree to (by clicking on a button that says you’ve read and agreed to them). 

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