Cummins To Showcase Lower Carbon Engines to Construction Industry

Feb 1, 2023 9:30 AM ET
Cummins fuel-agnostic engine
Cummins fuel-agnostic engines are part of the company’s Destination Zero strategy for decarbonization.


Global power technology leader Cummins Inc. will showcase its new fuel-agnostic 15-liter engine platform to reduce carbon emissions at North America’s largest construction trade show later this year.

The next generation internal combustion engines will be on display at CONEXPO, March 14-18 in Las Vegas. They use a common base engine with cylinder heads and fuel systems that can be specifically tailored for hydrogen, natural gas, advanced diesel and biofuels to reduce carbon emissions.

The new platform is part of the company’s Destination Zero strategy to reduce carbon in Cummins’ internal combustion engines through low-carbon fuels and other means, while also bringing to market the low- and no-carbon technologies likely to power the future, including battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells.

The company’s New Power business segment is also manufacturing electrolyzers to separate hydrogen from water. No-carbon green hydrogen is produced when renewable forms of energy are used to power the process.

Cummins wants to give customers a variety of options to reduce carbon, so they can choose the one that best fits their unique circumstances. In some applications, customers may be ready for zero emission solutions today, but those solutions may not be a good fit in other applications and circumstances.

Either way, Cummins believes the world needs to begin reducing carbon immediately to achieve its climate goals. Waiting will merely make carbon reduction efforts an even bigger challenge.

The 15-liter hydrogen engine will be available with ratings from 400-to-530 horsepower (hp) and a peak torque of 2600 Newton metres (Nm). For applications powered by renewable biogas, the engine will offer ratings from 400-to-510 hp with a peak torque of 2500 Nm available. The advanced diesel version will offer a broad power range of 450-to-650 hp, with 3200 Nm peak torque.

Cummins believes it can play a leadership role in climate action because of the wide number of commercial power applications the company serves. Cummins technology powers commercial trucking, buses, passenger trains, marine applications, farm and construction equipment and commercial generators that provide emergency power to schools, hospitals, data centers and more.