Corporate Carbon: Mike Bellamente + Leigh Fondakowski

Corporate Carbon: Mike Bellamente + Leigh Fondakowski

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Mike Bellamente

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 12:55pm

CAMPAIGN: Sea Change Radio Sustainability Innovators

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When we talk about corporations trying harder to do the right thing when it comes to the environment, it’s important to remember the consequences of not doing the right thing. Both of our guests this week on Sea Change Radio are trying to shine a light on corporate polluters – but in very different ways. First, we hear from Mike Bellamente, the Executive Director of Climate Counts. We talk about his group’s landmark study tracking the CO2 emissions of one hundred corporations. Then, host Alex Wise speaks with Leigh Fondakowski (the head writer of The Laramie Projectwho recently penned a play about the BP Oil Spill, which, when it comes to the stage this March, should capture the attention of environmentalists and thespians alike.

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