A Conversation with Cities: Mayors on Catalyzing Collaboration & Engaging Citizens

By Ed Skyler, Executive Vice President for Global Public Affairs, Citi and Chairman of the Citi Foundation
Mar 2, 2017 3:45 PM ET

A Conversation with Cities: Mayors on Catalyzing Collaboration & Engaging Citiz…

When it comes to addressing the complex challenges that come with rapid urbanization, cities have an opportunity to tap into their strongest natural resource – their citizens. The City Accelerator continues to help city governments engage with their citizens so they can improve services and quality of life. For 18 months, cities in the initiative’s second round of participants focused on enhancing the ways in which cities engage with their residents on important local issues such as fostering entrepreneurship and connecting those in need to social services.

Baltimore conducted focus groups to identify the challenges citizens face returning from incarceration and created a mobile-friendly website to connect them to resources that ease the transition. Albuquerque removed barriers faced by local entrepreneurs through an app, created with direct input from business owners, which connects them to bilingual business resources. By connecting directly with community members through focus groups, workshops and direct outreach, New Orleans increased the use of healthcare services through a Medicaid waiver that has been under-utilized. Read more.