Consumer Perception Becoming Business Reality

Jun 7, 2010 3:26 PM ET

Taiga Company Blog

When you think of a sustainable business, what first comes to mind?  More importantly, what do you think of when someone mentions a non-sustainable business?  Do you think of industries, specific companies, or specific business actions?  Too often these business perceptions become reality, and in today’s environment, the wrong perception can prove costly. 

With the growth in global eco awareness, companies are experiencing firsthand the full impact of shifting ‘green’ consumer expectations and the overall perception of business.  In the past businesses may have focused exclusively on economic performance; however, many companies are realizing the real impacts of sustainable action. 
Because not all businesses and individuals are at the same level of sustainability understanding or implementation, the characteristics often used to create comparisons can lead to different conclusions.  For this reason, our sustainability consulting tends to evaluate an organization less on levels of implementation and more on the quality of the business sustainability direction. 
We view leading organizations, at any level of business sustainability understanding or level of implementation, as those looking to engrain sustainability concepts across all aspects of the business and with key business stakeholders.  These companies:  click here to continue reading

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