Congrats to PSEG's First Joule Leadership Program Graduates

Jun 9, 2021 5:15 PM ET
Not pictured: Dana Jacobs

At PSEG, we know that people with talent and ability need to be recognized and cultivated wherever and whoever they are. Sometimes, this is easier said than done.

PSEG’s Joule Leadership Program was created with this challenge in mind. The aim of this new senior leadership development program is to identify and increase leadership opportunities for people of color, often underrepresented in management roles, and to open doors for their contributions to help ensure that PSEG remains a great company where every employee can thrive.

“The program is named for the joule, a unit of energy,” said Priya Varma, co-founder and administrator of the Joule Leadership Program and PSEG manager – Talent Management. “We coined the name of the Joule Leadership Program because participants are able to gain power by understanding their inner energy.”

Additional objectives include increasing talent visibility and exposure, and actively providing opportunities for development of diverse and inclusive PSEG talent.

“By cultivating talent and providing the right environment and circumstances for everyone to do their best work, PSEG is strengthening the company and building a better future,” PSEG Chairman, President and CEO Ralph Izzo said. “And that is an all-around win: for our employees, for our customers and for our shareholders.”

Over the past six months, the Joule program provided participants with the opportunity to expand professionally and personally through a blend of internal exposure and external development that included curated speaking opportunities; personal, certified executive coaching; and support from PSEG senior advisers.

“This program helped me unveil why I need to bring my full self to everything I do, not just at work, but by being myself and allowing my full potential to be shared with everyone,” said Nevdon Hylton, program graduate and manager of project engineering for PSE&G Delivery, Projects and Construction. “It also gave me a deeper understanding of the energy and talents we possess, and how to use my energy positively and effectively to influence those around me. Basically, know your superpowers and use them intentionally to make a positive impact.”

Joule graduate and Cash Management manager Lauriston Stephenson agreed.

“The Joule Program continued to illustrate to me PSEG’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion,” Stephenson said. “I expect this program to help me in my career thanks to the professional coaching and guidance I received, the exposure to senior management, and the important connections I’ve made with my cohort.”

“Congratulations and continued success to these employees who led the way in this pilot program,” said Sheila Rostiac, PSEG Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Diversity Officer. “I look forward to our next cohort this fall.”