From Concept to Eco Action: 5 Business Strategies to Boost Productivity and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Apr 5, 2010 4:11 PM ET

Taiga Company Blog

In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, a summary of sustainable business best practices was issued offering suggestions for sustainable business strategies.   As a sustainability consultant, I couldn't agree more with the information provided; however, I was left questioning how do the busy, overworked, under resourced business owner, executive translate a conceptual best practice into a tangible business strategy that delivers results to the bottom line?  It's not as is sustainability implementation is mainstream.  In fact, most are still struggling with what sustainability is and how it applies to their business.  

Regarding reducing carbon emissions, the suggested best practice was to look for things  that boost productivity and simultaneously reduce carbon emissions.  Conceptually, that's easy to grasp but how does that translate to daily behavior that is measurable, impacts the bottom line, and meets the environmental criteria?  To bridge the gap from concept to eco action, following are 5 sustainable business strategies that address that recommended best practice.   Click here to continue reading.   TAIGA5871