Complimentary Webinar on Improving ESG Measurement Through Stakeholder Perceptions on October 11

Participants include Mattel, Twitter, Converseon and Moderated by 3BL Media
Oct 5, 2022 4:30 PM ET
"Bridging the Gap in ESG Measurement: Stakeholder Perception"

October 5, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Converseon, the leading Decision Intelligence firm powered by Conversation Data, is hosting a webinar on October 11th at 1PM EDT on the importance of measuring stakeholder perceptions of brand ESG efforts through unstructured social and conversational data.

Experts from Mattel, Twitter, 3BL Media Inc. and Converseon will join to discuss bridging the ESG stakeholder measurement gap.

“Rigorous measurement of brand ESG efforts are essential, but often self-reported. As a result, there is an increasing credibility gap between organization’s reported efforts in ‘environmental, social and governance’ and stakeholder perceptions of these efforts. This can result in accusations of greenwashing, ‘wokewashing’ and more,” said Converseon CEO, Rob Key. “This type of measurement is essential to help evolve ESG measures to the next level.”

The webinar will explore how understanding stakeholder perceptions through the power of social data and advanced NLP is critical for organizations. This allows executives to understand perception gaps, whether their efforts are “trusted” or viewed as hype, inform ESG strategy and understand how perceptions of these efforts translate into consumer behavior and business outcomes.

The panel of experts will explore the following:

  • How their company is handling ESG measurement
  • Current points of view on ESG
  • Biggest takeaways on ESG in the sector
  • Challenges around measuring ESG stakeholder perception
  • More

Register for the webinar to learn more about ESG measurement gap and join the conversation here:

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