Commemorating Our Veterans During Veterans Day

Dec 17, 2021 10:00 AM ET
Johnathan Edmonds
Johnathan Edmonds

Creating an environment of respect and appreciation for one another is a core element of Cadence’s culture. On Veterans Day, and all month long, we showed our gratitude for our Veteran employees, their families, our Veteran friends, and all Veterans that have served the United States of America. Through fun and inspiring activities, the Cadence Veterans Inclusion Group is sharing how Veterans “bring a wealth of knowledge to teams and act as a value multiplier across the organization,” said Johnathan Edmonds, Lead of the Cadence Veterans Inclusion Group and member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Johnathan Edmonds, design engineering architect, about the group’s events and how Veterans drive innovation.

Recognizing our Veterans does not end with Veterans Day; our Veterans Inclusion Group plans to host more events throughout the year and collaborate with other Inclusion Groups at Cadence. Thank you to our Veterans for their service, and we look forward to seeing how they continue to make an impact.

Thoughts from Johnathan Edmonds

“When I heard Cadence was starting an Inclusion Group program, I was excited to participate. As a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, I signed up for the Veterans group and was honored and humbled when I was asked to lead it.

In November, we organized a number of activities to celebrate our friends, family, and fellow employees who are Veterans. I planned a Veterans Showcase, highlighting stories from Cadence’s own employees, Veterans Inclusion Group members including Dave Masters, sr. principal design engineer (U.S. Navy). We had a conversation about their experiences serving and transition into the tech field, and employees were able to ask questions to better understand their journeys. I also got to share about my children’s book series, ‘Service Pals,’ dedicated to teaching children about different branches of the military.

Later in the month, we hosted guest keynote speaker, CAPT Benjamin Van Buskirk, Director at Naval X, who spoke to employees about the importance of Veterans in the workplace and how they are shaping the world of technology through adaptability, resilience, and a strong work ethic. CAPT Van Buskirk also shared his insights into how diversity is linked to innovation, ‘When trying to solve for tough problems, it's diversity of thought, experience, and absolutely inclusion. If you're trying to be innovative, a diverse workforce is key.’

It was incredible to see so much participation and support across the organization, but the most rewarding experience has been getting to know all the great Veterans within the company, as well as all the employees who had loved ones that have served or are currently serving. Dozens of employees proudly shared about their relatives and friends in the military.

Veterans encompass a very diverse group of people. They come from almost every background, look at things differently, and contribute to teams in a positive way. Creating an inclusive space for Veterans at Cadence brings unique perspectives to the workplace that lead to innovation and diversity of thought.”