CoClear and Columbia University Develop Business Sustainability Calculator

by Vikas Vij
Jun 2, 2015 9:00 AM ET
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As sustainability issues get increasingly linked with business profitability and brand image, a growing number of companies are keen to raise their sustainability profiles. However, one of the first challenges they face is how to weigh the real environmental impact of various business decisions. To make sustainable choices ranging from material sourcing to production and distribution, a company must be able to identify the economic and environmental impacts of every factor.

A new calculator developed by CoClear, a New York consulting firm, in collaboration with Columbia University, aims to clarify the process and help a business make more sustainable choices. CoClear’s CEO Sally Paridis said that the calculator will use existing company data to determine GHG emissions, water and energy consumption, and the amount of solid waste. It will also track the company’s costs associated with these metrics, making it easier to identify efficiency opportunities.

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​Image Credit: Flickr via Jude Buffum