Climate Confident - The Future of Sustainability in Business: Bhushan Nigale Discusses SAP's Green Ledger

Jun 1, 2023 9:35 AM ET

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Welcome to a very special episode of the Climate Confident podcast, brought to you in partnership with SAP!

Today, we've got a truly fascinating conversation for you. We're sitting down with Bhushan Nigale, the dynamic Lead for SAP's Sustainability Development Program. He is at the forefront of SAP's innovative Green Ledger project, an ambitious undertaking that is poised to revolutionize the way businesses handle their environmental and sustainability data.

In our chat, Bhushan explains how SAP is leveraging technology to create a sustainable future. He provides an in-depth view of the Green Ledger project - it's not just about calculating carbon emissions, but also making this data easily accessible and actionable for businesses to help them make meaningful changes.

We delve into the ins and outs of ESG data, looking at different themes like emissions, water, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Bhushan shares how SAP aims to establish a common set of ESG themes to create a robust ESG data foundation. He talks about the importance of customizing solutions to specific organizations and regions, emphasizing that "one size does not fit all."

Bhushan also gives us a glimpse into the future of the Green Ledger project, discussing its ongoing development and the vision to expand into other categories like water, land, and biodiversity. He highlights how crucial it is to keep a focus on the social side of sustainability - tackling issues like modern slavery, child labor, and creating a more equitable workplace.

I encourage you to give this episode a listen - it's an enlightening look into how technology can help us tackle some of our most pressing environmental challenges. Bhushan's passion for sustainable development and his deep understanding of the subject matter makes this an episode you won't want to miss!

In the podcast Bhushan mentioned a paper that SAP published along with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development - you can find that here.

Enjoy the show - and don't forget you can check out the video version of this podcast at!

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