Chrysler-Detroit Relationship

Feb 15, 2011 5:00 PM ET
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Companies, Love Your Communities

On this Valentine’s Day, companies should reflect on how they show love. Take the Chrysler-Detroit relationship—you’ve seen the 200 commercial with Eminem by now (already it's been viewed on YouTube 6,382,760 times). 

Since it aired during the Super Bowl, I’ve heard praise of it from an unlikely mix of people: a Ford Motor Company worker, a Midwestern rancher, the head of White House social media, and Arab and Chinese businessmen. Each of them said that they felt chills when they watched it.

It wasn’t Eminem that caused the buzz, and it wasn’t the car itself. Celebrities endorse products all the time, and the 200 model is arguably a luxury vehicle. The cool-factor was produced not by the celebrity endorsing a product, but by the company endorsing its community.

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