Children of Peace: Giving the Children in the Middle East a Voice

by Sangeeta Haindl
Aug 4, 2014 5:00 PM ET
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We have all seen the images as fighting rages on between Israel and Palestine. The UN has revealed that one child has been killed every hour in the conflict in Gaza. So, to find Children of Peace in the ruins of chaos, despair and bloodshed is a jewel of hope, as this organisation seeks to protect all of the children and their communities in Israel and Palestine - regardless of culture, faith, gender or heritage. Palestinian and Israeli children are paying a heavy and disproportionate price for the regional conflict - those who are not killed or injured live in a chronic state of anxiety, both about the present situation and what the future holds.

Caught up in the endless cycle of violence are the ordinary people from both communities who want dignity, justice, prosperity and a peaceful existence. While the forgotten victims of the Middle East conflict are the children. They live in a perpetual war zone, stressed by the uncertain outcome of arbitrary violence. Children from both communities have lost loved ones, experience extreme anxiety, suffer from mental and physical health problems and have worryingly high levels of childhood disease and illness. Protecting the children here is the hope for the future.

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