Changing Expections of CSR

Changing Expections of CSR

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Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 10:00am

CAMPAIGN: Ethical Sourcing Forum 2013

CONTENT: Press Release

December 6, 2012 /3BL Media/ - Realities of the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Landscape are changing towards knowing your supply chain, reporting on due diligence risk factors and increasing legislation.  This new reality is making it more important than ever for companies to have a corporate wide strategy for sustainability with support across multiple departments. Through hands-on workshops and interactive panel discussions led by industry experts and best practice leaders, ESF 2013 will equip participants to proactively drive preemptive solutions, mitigate risks, improve performance and move beyond compliance with leap frog innovations and solutions. 

ESF 2013 provides practitioners tools and knowledge to break barriers and discover innovative new products and approaches, as well as business models designed for making sustainability work within your business.

Participants can expect key solutions to the following questions proliferating the CSR landscape

  • How will the trends in disclosure of supply chain non-financial due diligence impact my company?
  • With increasing expectations towards traceability and knowing the origins of products, how can I better identify, manage and report on risks in my entire supply chain?
  • How do I scale up capacity building models to ascertain a deeper reach into my supply chain?
  • What can supply chain professionals do to better manage sourcing in high risk hotspots like Myanmar, Pakistan or various African nations?
  • What are peer companies doing about the growing expectation to have adequate visibility and assurance for chemical/wastewater management within the supply chain?
  • From the Twitterverse to global social movements, what impact could social media have on my business and the CSR industry?

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