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WORKSHOP: Worker – Manager Collaboration to Achieve Rapid Results and Drive Sustainable Change
Jan 20, 2014 4:20 PM ET

With transparency and increased awareness, comes increased responsibility and commitment.

In this workshop, participants will be divided into groups of workers and managers to experience the power of Social Fingerprint Rapid Results™, a program jointly developed by SAI and the Rapid Results Institute.  

Utilizing active role play, participants will have an opportunity to be “on the factory floor” grappling with how to make remarkable improvements in workplace health and safety from two distinct, and often conflicting perspectives.  In the end, the worker-manager teams will come together to set a challenging 100-day workplace improvement goal, learn about the process improvements needed to meet the goal, and make the change sustainable. 

Presented By:
Craig Moss, 
Executive Advisor, Social Accountability International      
COO, Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade